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Chatting About Books - Podcast

Chatting About Books - Podcast

This podcast is done by Emily Manning and is sponsored by There are 29 episodes available on iTunes.  She discusses books for ages 4 – 11 and provides activities and tips to do related to the books she discusses.  I listened to the episode about the 39 Clues series.

During the episode the host gave 39 reasons why people should read the series.  Here are the 39 reasons (paraphrased).

1.Cool weather approaching and need to have books to read.
2. It is a cross between the DaVinci Code and the Amazing Race.
3. It is a conversation starter -  million dollars or clue?
4. Your family will look normal in comparison.
5. There are collectible cards and an online clue hunt.
6. You can choose your branch and earn prizes.
7. There is a message board on the website.
8. There is an app available.
9. The books are educational and entertaining.
10. The characters are underdogs.
11. You can take an international vacation by reading the books.
12. There are audio versions of the books.
13. The books are written by award winning authors.
14. Rick Riordan wrote the first book and came up with the story arc.
15. Grace Cahill appears again in the Vespers Rising book.
16. Think of the books as a personality test – who are you?
17. If you are a leader or spy you may be a Lucian.
18. If you are an inventor or scientist you may be Ekaterina.
19. If you are an athlete or explorers you may be a Tomas.
20. If you are artistic you may be a Janus
21. Who are the Madrigals?
22. The books are an international hit.
23. The books are thrilling.
24. Have you ever wanted to be an Au Pair?  You can learn about them.
25. The world domination serum is revealed at the end of the series.
26. This is a Harry Potter alternative.
27. There is supposed to be a movie.
28. The movie will be done by Dreamworks.
29. The series is family friendly.
30. Series  books are good for struggling readers.
31. Justin Beiber fan?  Jonah Wizard is similar.
32. The series have been on the New York Times Bestseller list.
33. The adventure continues after the first 11 books.
34. She spoke about a new book as of this episode.  This is outdated now but there are new books continuing to come out.
35. David Baldacci is an author in a Cahills vs Vesper book.
36. There is a crush J for those interested in romance.
37. What is up with the number 39?
38. There are teacher resources at
39. Read the book already.

Peter Lerangis and Gordan Korman talked with Emily Manning about the series.  They gave a background to the books.  I thought it was cool how the two of them discussed the unique aspect of having different authors writing the books.  They also answered some of her questions about the series and upcoming books.

Curriculum Suggestions:

I can see teachers using this podcast before starting the series or I could use it before a literature with lunch group.
In addition there were over twenty other episodes that teachers can use to help promote certain books and certain genres.

Students could make their own podcasts about books and give their own reasons why people should read them.
Personal Thoughts:

I love the 39 Clues series.  In this podcast the host did a great job of giving reasons to pick up the series.  In addition, she spoke with two of the authors who gave some great background information to the series.  

High Interest Annotation: This podcast can encourage students to pick up the 39 Clues series.

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