Monday, July 22, 2013

The Quest for Credit (Website)

Quest for Credit

Quantitative Reading Level:  

This YouTube video would be appropriate for grades 9 – 12.  

Qualitative Reading Analysis: 

 I would rate this video as Middle High on the “Text Complexity: Qualitative Measures Rubric for Information Text”.  Although this is not a text some of the concepts in the rubric can be applied to how a student would approach this video.  In order to understand the video a student would need to realize that the purpose of the video is implied through an allegorical tale of a college student on a journey up Credit Mountain.  This vocabulary refers to budgets and credit and it would be helpful if the student is familiar with those terms before viewing the video.  Students should have some background knowledge in finance terms.  The video itself is similar to “Lord of the Rings” and students who are familiar with those books and movies will appreciate the similarities.

A college student “frees” a credit card and signs an agreement.  An old man instructs the student to climb “Credit Mountain” and warns him of easy credit.  He tells him that “with great spending power comes great fiscal responsibility”.  The student quickly becomes tempted to buy all sorts of gadgets and gizmos and finds himself unable to pay for everything at the end of the month.  After making his monthly payment our hero finds himself in the “Valley of Debtors” attacked by a gang of fees.  Fortunately our hero consults gurus who help him create a budget and get out of debt.  At the end of the video our student is able to buy a house and meets the woman of his dreams. 

Curriculum Suggestions:

This would be a great video to use in a personal finance class or a math class that talks about budgeting and credit.  This is often overlooked but is an important lesson for students to learn before they head out to college or a career.  

Personal Thoughts:

I thought this video was a lot of fun and informative at the same time.  All students should have some knowledge about what credit is and how it works.  It is so easy to get a credit card these days and to get trapped in a never ending cycle of minimum payments and debt.  A video like this could be a discussion starter.

High Interest Annotation: Can you climb Credit Mountain without ending up in the Valley of Debtors?

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