Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen


I Want My Hat Back

Klassen, Jon.  Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press, 2011.  9780763655983

Quantitative Reading Level: Reading Level 1.4, Lexile 90

Qualitative Reading Analysis:

I would rate this as Middle Low on the “Text Complexity: Qualitative Measures Rubric for Literary Text”.  On the surface this book is very simple but at the end the reader really needs to make some inferences and use the picture clues to figure out what happened.

Bear has lost his hat and goes looking through the woods asking various animals if they have seen it.  All the animals say no including a rabbit that is wearing a red hat and seems a little nervous.  Finally, bear realizes he saw his hat on one of the animals (the kids have all figured it out and are saying “duh”) and goes back to get it.  The next thing we know Bear has his hat and a squirrel comes looking for the rabbit.  Hmmmm.

Personal Thoughts:

This book is so simple and yet so funny.  What is great about this book is it could almost be read deadpan.  I can just hear the kids roaring with laughter as they figure out what happened to the rabbit.  


 Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor Book 2012
 Is also a nominee on many state book award lists and best of 2012 lists.

High Interest Annotation: Bear really wants his hat back.  What will he do to get it?

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